Our Vision

Learn, Play, and Go Beyond the Classroom
Our vision is to improve students’ confidence and abilities and promote their success and desire for excellence in school and in life. We aspire to provide a positive environment in our community, in which we encourage future voices and help students of all ages to thrive.

Our Mission

Learn, Play, and Go Beyond the Classroom

When you join our Focus Learning community, you have a support system of caring teachers and education specialists to guide you and your children through primary, junior, intermediate and senior levels of study.

Students who progress through our reading and writing programs quickly surpass their classmates not only in test scores, but also in their love of learning and literacy. Likewise, as digital natives, kids can develop new skills and interests in the field of technology when they come for our computer programming or robotics classes. At Focus Learning, teachers give kids the tools and skills they need to reach their full potential. We celebrate all learning styles and skill levels to help kids see the power in being unique, intelligent, and motivated to learn.

Dedicated classrooms with highly skilled educators.

Learn, Play, and Go Beyond the Classroom

Our variety of classes and private tutoring options ensures that your child will be engaged, encouraged, and challenged while at our learning center. Our experienced and certified teachers develop a plan for helping all kids progress within their small group classes and/or one-on-one tutoring. When school is out for Summer, Winter, PA Days or March Break, kids will discover loads of fun while they take part in Focus Learning’s Camp Programs. With specialized camps for elementary, middle school, and high school kids, our North York learning center provides a engaging and enjoyable school holiday for everyone.

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Learn, Play and Go Beyond the Classroom.
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