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Today, many kids see school and learning as a burden – a chore that they have to do before being allowed to play with their tablets. While education is essential, I believe that, by sparking a child’s innate curiosity and channelling their imaginations toward the infinite horizon of possibility, learning can be regarded, not only as fundamental, but fun as well. This passion for fostering lifelong learners was the reason I founded Focus Learning. Over the years, I have had the privilege of teaming up with passionate and professional educators. We have developed and instituted programs that focus on “edu-tainment”. These programs facilitate substantive learning in a fun and engaging atmosphere, allowing our teachers to give attention to each student. We believe that what we have created will not only foster a love for learning but progress and success in their chosen subjects as well. In all candidness, sometimes I feel as though I have one of the best jobs in the world. Seeing a child’s face light up – full of brightness, life, wonder and curiosity – is not just a reward to educators, but to our global community. I hope that, through our program, we will do the same for your child and light their way toward all the possibilities learning can provide.

Shelly Zheng


Focus Learning
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Vision and Mission

Learn, Play, and Go Beyond the Classroom
Our vision is for kids to learn, play and go beyond the classroom. Our mission is to inspire a love of learning through teaching new transferable skills and challenging our students to take risks and bring out their full potential in a fun and engaging environment.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Learn, Play, and Go Beyond the Classroom
In a day and age where information can be accessed by a touch, click or swipe, we recognize that educators should be effective coaches and role models, using our expertise to assist, encourage and motivate students. Our goal is to guide them on their journey to become accomplished and independent individuals, and to gain the skills needed for continuing practice.

Dedicated classrooms with highly skilled educators.

Learn, Play, and Go Beyond the Classroom

Our variety of classes and private tutoring options ensures that your child will be engaged, encouraged, and challenged while at our learning center. Our experienced and certified teachers develop a plan for helping all kids progress within their small group classes and/or one-on-one tutoring. When school is out for Summer, Winter, PA Days or March Break, kids will discover loads of fun while they take part in Focus Learning’s Camp Programs. With specialized camps for elementary, middle school, and high school kids, our North York learning center provides a engaging and enjoyable school holiday for everyone.

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Learn, Play and Go Beyond the Classroom.