Kids Reading Club

What is Kids Reading Club? Young learners explore reading, writing and speaking. Levelled curricula help students improve printing and spelling, learn phonics and develop clarity of communication in a fun and engaging way.   What will you do? READING...

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Academic Writing

What is Academic Writing Class? Teachers guide students through each step of the writing process to help them create well-crafted written pieces for contests and both online and print publications. Improve writing techniques to succeed in school assignmen...

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ESL (Reading & Writing)

What is ESL Reading & Writing Class? English as a second language learners improve reading, writing, and speaking skills. Our levelled reading program helps students gain essential tools for reading comprehension and analysis. Students learn to write...

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What is French Class? An introductory course for students who have had little or no previous French instruction. The vocabulary and grammatical structures are presented through the use of body language and audio-visual techniques, such as pictures and vid...

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Public Speaking

What is Public Speaking Class? Designed to improve communication and leadership skills, the Public Speaking class develops confidence and improves the ability to understand people. Students study speeches to strengthen critical thinking skills, and then r...

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What is YoungTrepreneurs Class? The goal of our YoungTrepreneurs at Focus Learning is to provide a hands-on leadership experience, and engage with entrepreneurs and business professionals. With our public speaking and debating programs that feature surpri...

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