Computer Programming

What is Computer Programming Class?

Students learn to program their own video games and modify existing games. Creating and programming games offers the most complete application of math, physics, creativity, problem solving, and communication skills. Our levelled classes use a variety of programming tools such as Scratch, Python and Javascript geared towards the cognitive level and interest of the students.


Class Structure and Levels

LEVEL 1 SCRATCH – Students are introduced to computational concepts and all core programming structures. Younger students use the Scratch programming environment (developed at MIT) to create games and projects. Typing skills are practiced to prepare students for text-based languages.
LEVEL 2 PYTHON – Students build on concepts introduced in Programming 1 (or previous programming courses). Students transition from Scratch to text-based languages, Python and Javascript. Java is introduced toward the end of the course. Students are able to understand concepts that are common to all programming languages.


What are the benefits?

– learn how to think computationally and logically
– improve logical thinking and problem solving skills
– develop skills to build programs from scratch


Who can join Computer Programming Class?

Students in grade 3-8 who enjoy computers and want to learn more about computer programming.


Why Computer Programming Class at Focus Learning?

The Focus Learning experience provides a supportive environment, innovative programs, and exceptional OCT teachers to build students’ confidence and desire for excellence in school and in life.

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