Bizkids Academy
Tagline: Every CEO was once just a kid with a dream.
Ages: 9-14 yrs

Summary: BizKids Academy is a fun and engaging program for young entrepreneurs to engage in enterprise and philanthropy. Students will form start-up companies where they will prototype a product using 3D printers, sewing machines, or traditional handmade methods for presentation at the end of the week. Elementary financial principles including unit cost, pricing, marketing and profit margins are all covered throughout. Each company will have its finished product listed for sale on the BizKids Academy e-commerce site and be available for community fundraisers.

3D Design & Modelling: Business concepts are rendered by a self-designed 3D print or traditional crafting tools.
Financial Literacy: Learn the history and role of money and the changing landscape to cryptocurrencies and blockchains.
Presentation & Marketing Skills: Students in small groups present their business plan in front of panelists.

Price: $420/week; $336/week for Week 1 & 6

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