BizKids Academy (Camp)

Bizkids Academy
Every CEO was once just a kid with a dream.

Become a Teen Tycoon! Get Started on the Path to Creating Your Own Business. A fun and engaging program for young entrepreneurs to begin an adventure in an enterprise. Students will team to brainstorm startup companies where they will prototype a product or service using 3D printers with traditional handmade crafting tools. In addition to learning freely available programs to create logos, business cards and websites, elementary financial principles including unit cost, pricing, marketing and profit margins are all covered throughout.

Areas of Focus (Class activities):
• 3D Design & Modelling: Business concepts are rendered by a self-designed 3D print or traditional crafting tools.
• Financial Literacy: Learn the history and role of money and the changing landscape to cryptocurrencies and blockchains.
• Presentation & Marketing Skills: Students in small groups presents their business plan in front of panelist.

Price: $420/week; $336/week 1, 6


    • Carina

      My son, Benjamin is interesting in taking a BIZKIDS ACADEMY course during our visit in Toronto in July.
      May I know if the enrollment is still open ?

      Kindly regards,

      • focuslearning

        Hello Carina,

        I’m so sorry I overlooked your message. I hope it is not too late! Yes, our Bizkids Academy summer camp program is still open for enrollment. You can visit our summer camp page and register online. Please feel free to give me a call at 416-519-3285.


    • Carla Holyk

      I have a 10 year old and 12 year old. They are interested in the Biz Kids Academy. Would they have an opportunity to work together? Which weeks have the Biz Kids?

      • focuslearning

        Hello Carla,

        Really sorry about the very delayed reply! Our BizKids Academy is offered in our Week 5 (July 30 – Aug. 3) and Week 9 (Aug. 27-31). I hope this information can still help. My apologies! Please feel free to contact us at 416-519-3285 if you need more information!

        Thank you!


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