ESL (Reading & Writing)

What is ESL Reading & Writing Class?

English as a second language learners improve reading, writing, and speaking skills. Our levelled reading program helps students gain essential tools for reading comprehension and analysis. Students learn to write level-appropriate sentences and paragraphs in English while enlarging their vocabulary.


What will you do?

READING COMPREHENSION Read fiction and non-fiction books and articles, and learn comprehension strategies like summarizing, visualizing, making connections, and making inferences.
WRITING & GRAMMAR Practice grammar by writing sentences, paragraphs, and longer essays depending on age and skill level.
VOCABULARY Vocabulary instruction is built into reading, writing, and speaking lessons, and includes hands-on games to practice new words and address the meanings of common words, phrases, and expressions.
SPEAKING & PRONUNCIATION Learn how to utilize word and sentence stresses, intonation patterns and the rhythm of the English language.


What are the benefits?

– improve English reading, writing, and speaking for in-class and real world success
– increased interest and confidence in writing, reading and speaking
– receive differentiated instruction from experienced ESL teachers
– assessed on a regular basis to monitor progress


Who can join ESL Reading & Writing Class?

Students in grades 3-8 who speak English as their second language and would like to improve English speaking, reading, and writing

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