What is French Class?

An introductory course for students who have had little or no previous French instruction. The vocabulary and grammatical structures are presented through the use of body language and audio-visual techniques, such as pictures and videos, as well as written materials.


What will you do?

GRAMMAR AND SPELLING Students participate in oral and written activities to enhance their knowledge of French grammar structures and spelling of new words.
VOCABULARY Students learn new words and broaden their French vocabulary. The words and phrases are then incorporated into basic conversation to enhance understanding.
SPEAKING AND LISTENING Students develop active listening skills and practice pronunciation of words and phrases in order to express themselves with simple sentences in French.


What are the benefits?

– improve French reading, writing, and speaking skills
– increase interest and confidence in writing, reading and speaking in French
– receive differentiated instruction from experienced OCT teachers
– assessed on a regular basis to monitor progress


Who can join French Class?

Students in grades SK-8 who seek extra help with French writing, reading, and/or speaking skills.


Why French Class at Focus Learning?

The Focus Learning experience provides a supportive environment, innovative programs, and exceptional OCT teachers to build students’ confidence and desire for excellence in school and in life.

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