Kids Reading Club

What is Kids Reading Club?

Young learners explore reading, writing and speaking. Levelled curricula help students improve printing and spelling, learn phonics and develop clarity of communication in a fun and engaging way.


What will you do?

READING Read books and participate in interactive storytelling activities. Levelled reading program helps early to experienced readers advance phonological awareness and reading level while having fun playing word games and telling creative stories.
WRITING Children express themselves through writing, exploring a variety of styles, such as writing a letter to a friend, a diary entry for a favourite character, or an exciting adventure story. Students are supported through differentiated tasks and games to solidify phonological skills.
SPEAKING Children will practice expressing themselves verbally clearly and confidently and interacting through class discussions and sharing responses.


What are the benefits?

-increase interest and confidence in reading, writing, and speaking
-advance phonological awareness and reading level
-differentiated instruction from experienced OCT teachers
-assess and monitor students’ progress


Who can join Kids Reading Club?

Students ages 6-8 who need extra help with writing, reading, and/or speaking skills or who want to develop an interest in these fields.

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