Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition

Build Taller, Farm Faster and Mine Deeper with all the new and exciting changes to Minecraft in 2019.

Led by Mr. Charles Rotenberg, one of the Minecraft Global Mentors, Minecraft: Java Edition, Windows 10 & Education Edition is a collaborative and versatile program that encourages 21st-century skills used across all subjects. Through collaboration and teamwork, all within the world of the game, students will learn skills relating to problem-solving and design, in addition to coding in languages using Javascript and Lua.

Areas of Focus (Class activities):
• Collaborative Learning: explore culture and history through adventure maps from past and future civilizations using team-based problem-solving skills
• 3D Design & Building: Build and furnish modern houses and log cabins
• Coding & Programming: students create their own rules within the game through coding

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