Public Speaking

What is Public Speaking Class?

Designed to improve communication and leadership skills, the Public Speaking class develops confidence and improves the ability to understand people. Students study speeches to strengthen critical thinking skills, and then research, write, and present their own speeches.


What will you do?

-Participate in debates and rehearsals to improve speaking, pronunciation, and communication skills
-Read aloud and participate in interactive storytelling activities
-Do drama and improvisation to increase self-esteem
-Study and recreate famous speeches using gestures and correct body languages


What are the benefits?

– build confidence in communication skills and develop critical thinking
– prepare for school interviews and presentations
– receive differentiated instruction from experienced OCT teachers
– assessed on a regular basis to monitor progress


Who can join Public Speaking Class?

Students in grades 3-8 who seek extra help with public speaking skills or who want to develop a strong interest in public speaking


Why Public Speaking Class at Focus Learning?

The Focus Learning experience provides a supportive environment, innovative programs, and exceptional OCT teachers to build students’ confidence and desire for excellence in school and in life.

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