Academic Writing

What is Academic Writing Class?

Teachers guide students through each step of the writing process to help them create well-crafted written pieces for contests and both online and print publications. Improve writing techniques to succeed in school assignments and future academic writing.


What will you do?

PROJECTS Students complete 1-2 published pieces of writing per month depending on writing skills and level.
TECHNIQUE Students practice sentence structure, paragraphs, and different forms of writing ranging from poetry and short stories to essays and articles.
READING For each writing project, students read and analyze books that help to teach techniques and inspire their writing.
ART & TECHNOLOGY Art and technology are used to enhance the creative process and motivate students to incorporate their interests into their learning. Students build vocabulary and can learn to create multimedia projects.
PUBLIC SPEAKING Students present a piece of writing in each class, and make a final presentation to their peers after completion of a final project.


What are the benefits?

-increase interest and confidence in writing, reading and speaking
-improve achievement on writing assignments
-differentiate instruction to accommodate students needs
-assess and monitor students’ progress


Who can join Academic Writing Class?

Students in grade 3 – 8 who need extra help with writing, reading, and/or speaking skills or who want to develop an interest in these fields

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