Small group enrichment classes help kids gain confidence and skills to succeed in school and beyond. With a student to teacher ratio of 6:1, all learners receive attention, motivation, and support from our experienced OCT certified teachers. Focus Learning specializes in making learning fun while challenging kids to reach their full potential.

Private Tutoring

Working 1-1 allows teachers to develop the best possible program to meet your child’s needs. Our dedicated team of teachers and tutors creates a program that works directly for your child. Our private tutoring programs are offered at the Focus Learning facility and are scheduled based on teacher and student availability. Private tutoring is available for all subjects and age levels.

Model UN

Model UN

  • GRADES 7 - 12
  • $75 p/term


  • GRADES 7 - 11
  • $50 p/term


  • GRADES 4 - 8
  • $1270 p/term


  • GRADES SK - 5
  • $750 p/term

FAQs about our classes

There is a one-time registration fee of $25 per family. Focus Learning offers an installment plan, allowing parents/guardians to pay in two installments. The first payment is due on the first day of class. Students may not be permitted to attend class until or unless full payment has been made. All school fees are non-refundable, except in extenuating circumstances (including serious illness, family emergency, or moving to another country/city), and a $50 administrative fee will be applied. Cancellation in the middle of the term must be communicated in written form at least 15 days in advance of the cancelled session. In the case of cancellation, you may choose to transfer the credit for the programs paid to a sibling or new student at Focus Learning. Group Classes: Focus Learning’s group classes are divided into 3 terms in each school year. Upon registration, your child is enrolled for 1 term with Focus Learning. If there are classes that you know upon making payment that your child will not be able to attend, you are still required to pay for the whole term, but you may make up the missed classes in other Focus Learning classes, or move up to $70 worth of credit to the following term. Tutoring Session: Fee payments for private tutoring are made in monthly installments by post-dated cheque (1st of the month). Thinking about enrollment? We offer a free 30-minute assessment for any student wishing to pursue private tutoring. If you are considering Focus Learning classes, please note that Focus Learning runs Open Houses for our after-school programs twice a year (April and December). You can also bring your child to participate in a trial or demo class. The first class is free of charge if you do not continue with us at Focus Learning.
Focus Learning fosters an inclusive class atmosphere with experienced OCT certified teachers who differentiate lessons and classes to suit your child’s needs. We recommend that if a child has specific or severe learning difficulties, you consider private tutoring as the best option for your child’s academic progress.
Here at Focus Learning, we send homework home after every class/session. Teachers will communicate the homework assigned to the student through the Homework Correspondence Sheet found at the front of their Focus Learning binder. Students are to keep all of their work from previous sessions in their personal binders so parents can keep track of their child’s progress. After each term, the teacher will give a detailed report of the student’s strengths and improvements throughout the term. Parents can also arrange a parent-teacher conference to further discuss any questions or concerns.
Cancellations by Focus Learning: In the event of a class cancellation due to emergency, severe weather, or other extenuating circumstances, including teacher schedule changes, Focus Learning will notify parents/guardians and make every effort to schedule a make-up class or offer a refund. Make-Up for Group Classes: If students must be absent from a group session, they can have make-up sessions in the form of other Focus Learning classes, or they can choose to move the credit to the following term, to a maximum of $70 credit. Written notice of the make-up class must be given to administration. Make-Up for Private Tutoring: If students cancel their private tutoring sessions at least 24 hours in advance, they may re-schedule the tutoring sessions through Focus Learning administration. 50% of the tutoring fee will apply to any cancellation with less than 24-hour’s notice.

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